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It’s 11:59. We still have more reserve than we’ve ever produced in the human history.

Yeah great. But how long will this more than ever reserve last?


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Silver on Main Stream Media

Well, Canadian Media at least:

 Silver Bulls Predict Price Bounce

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The Fall of Roman Empire

From the monetary point of view:

Somebody said that history repeats itself:


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China to Protect it’s 1.8 trillion from Dollar Crisis

New Bretton Wood agreements in the loom? What was Gold/Silver’s role in the Old agreement from 1949/1970s again?

Dollar was pegged to Gold at $35/oz at that time. But don’t forget, today there’s over $30000 Dollars out there, for each oz of Gold. Don’t even ask me about Silver:

Oh yes, here is this year’s Chinese best seller on economy, urging it’s people and government to convert 200 billions of it’s Foreign Reserve into Gold every year:

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Silver Eagle Rationing

Silver Eagle Rationed(, while there’s currently, and always will be, adequate silver to cover any demand that surface:

And this rationing is ILLEGAL:

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Re-monetization of Silver

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