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30 Years US$ Index


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Monthly Gold, 1970 to date


Inflation Adjusted:

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Silver Will Not Spike To $50

Ok, so Silver will not Spike to $50. In fact today it just crashed from $15 to $12, a big 20% drop in just 12 hours of time frame. And here is why it will not spike to $50:

Because it will roar past $300, yes, $300. After all, $300 is just about the M3 adjusted price of $50 in 1980.

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History shows otherwise

Smart investors and asset managers will seek refuge in the only truly global and debt-free currency: Gold. Investors are gradually waking up to the fact that all currencies are backed only by the issuing government’s ability to tax its own citizens – and by unsubstantiated confidence that they won’t fail. History shows otherwise.

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Monthly Gold from 1970s

Rest assured that the bull market is intact (

Pickup @ low of this correction and the next wave is yours to ride!

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The C Wave in the making

First look back at history, Gold 1967-1973

1972-1979, pay attention to the 45% pull back from 1975-1976 (18 month), after soaring from $35 to $200 in about 5 years (compare with current move of $250 to $1000)

After that we all know what happened, gold soared to $850 from there.

So are we expecting a pull back to the $700 area before it challenges $2500?

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Auto Industry Default Risk Soars to 95% on GM, Ford

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