Where is Gold/Silver Heading towards?

Gold appears to be making a top and might be heading to $600, maybe $500ish, Silver, How about $7.5 etc?

But long term, after the dust settles, be prepared for $5000/$500 Gold/Silver.


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  1. terry baird said

    Hello there? I am searching for a post that was done by a CIGA by the name of Alex who offered a great chart he had done to the website of JSMINESET.. it was posted on August 21 of 2008. When I went back to find it in my computer it had apparently been removed off the inventory of being online.. Might there be a way someone could resend it to me. ?? I can be reached at tbtackle@aol.com.

    It showed the rise of gold by charting method over the next 3 years or so.. Really a nifty chart.. Jim agreed as well.. Many thanks if you can send it back to me again.. Most grateful.. Terry Baird

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